Definitions of Terms and Conditions

'I','me' and 'my' refers jointly and severally to the person or persons who are the customers.' This Agreement' means the Rental Agreement, the Insurance Motor Rental Agreement and these Terms and Conditions. In the event of any discrepancy between these Terms and Conditions and any other literature, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions apply


means the person or persons nominated as the hirer under the heading 'Hire Details' on the Insurance Motor Rental Agreement and any person whose credit card is presented in payment of the customer's charges.

'Living Equipment'

Includes but is not limited to DVD player, CD player, crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils, towels.

'Rental Period'

Means the hire period referred to under the heading 'Booking Details' on the Rental Agreement or any agreed variation thereof and any additional period during which the vehicle is in the customer's possession or control


Means the vehicle described under the heading 'Vehicle Details' on the Rental Agreement and includes tyres, tools, accessories, the living equipment and any other special equipment, documents related to the Vehicle and any replacement or substitute Vehicle which may be provided at the discretion of VW Camper Rentals Ltd.

'Security Deposit'

Means the Vehicle security deposit detailed under the heading 'Vehicle Security Deposit' in the Insurance Motor Rental Agreement.


Understanding the contract:

Prior to completion of your booking, you must confirm that you have read and understood these Terms being our General Terms and Conditions. At the time you pick up your Vehicle, all drivers must sign and confirm that they have read and understood this document.


The minimum rental age is 25 years. The maximum rental age is 70 years.

Every driver must hold a full (not provisional) driving license that has been valid for at least two years. All licenses must be for manual transmission vehicles.

Every driver must present the following documentation on collection of the Vehicle: Driving License, photo i.d. & proof of address


These must be worn in the front and rear (where fitted) of all Vehicles.


Your Vehicle may only be driven within the UK, and out with this area only by prior consent. You will be liable for any losses (including repatriation costs) where your Vehicle is taken to a prohibited area or country.


All Vehicles must be returned to the rental location from which it was collected.


Smoking is not permitted in your Vehicle.


Each Vehicle can only be driven at a maximum speed of 65mph .


Each Vehicle can only carry 6 people (including children).

The following are prohibited and will result in the exclusion of Insurance cover

Use of your Vehicle:

for the carriage of chemicals or dangerous goods

for driving instruction

airside at an airport or aerodrome

for terrorist activities, or

for towing any other vehicle or trailer.


24 hour roadside assistance is provided. A telephone number will be supplied when you collect your Vehicle.


A rental deposit of 10% of the cost of the hire is payable within 7 days of booking the Vehicle. This is nonrefundable. The full balance must be paid 14 days before the date of collection of the Vehicle.

A cash security deposit of 150 is payable on collection of the Vehicle. Cheques will only be accepted if received by us more than 14 days prior to the commencement of the hire. This will be refunded on the return of your Vehicle after deducting the cost of repairing any damage. If the cost of repair exceeds the Deposit, you will be responsible for the balance. If the damage necessitates a claim under the insurance policy then the insurance excess will be payable to the Insurance Company.


Additional drivers must be over 25 and under 70 years old and have held a full driving license for at least 2 years. All licenses must be for manual transmission vehicles. Drivers with more than 6 penalty points on their current driving license cannot be insured.

All additional drivers must be present at the time of collection of your Vehicle.


You must return the Vehicle with a full tank of fuel at the end of your rental. If not, the cost of refueling the Vehicle will be deducted from the Deposit. The type of fuel used by your Vehicle is stated on the Vehicle's instruction booklet. You are responsible and liable for any damage caused by the use of the incorrect fuel.


Mileage will be restricted to a generous 1000miles. Any more than this and a charge of 25p per mile will be levied against the hirer. This can be taken from the security deposit.


You are responsible for the cost of any parking or speeding fines or other penalties incurred during the hire. Should such fines or penalties be incurred we will pass the relevant charge on to you and will charge an administrative fee of 25 per fine or penalty.


A late return charge will be applied if your Vehicle is returned after the agreed return date. The late return charge is 80 (each full or part day). This charge is a genuine pre-estimate of loss because it is likely that another customer will be renting your Vehicle as soon as you return it. If you fail to return your Vehicle on time we will suffer loss.


In the event that you lose the keys for your Vehicle or lock the keys in your Vehicle you must phone us. We will endeavor to supply you with a duplicate set of keys but the costs of so doing must be met by you. The Vehicle will not be deemed to have been returned until a correct set of keys has been returned to us at our rental location. If you lose or lock the keys in your Vehicle, you will be liable for the cost of a replacement set of keys.


Our `Bring it back clean' policy is designed to reduce customer costs. You must bring the Vehicle back clean. The whole vehicle (including storage) must be clear of litter. The ashtray must be clean. The floors, doors and upholstery must be clean. If you do not return your Vehicle clean, then a cleaning fee of 10/hr will be deducted from the Deposit.



The following are not covered by insurance:

Loss, damages or expenses due to:

theft of personal effects from your Vehicle;

cigarette or cigar burns (or equivalent) to your Vehicle;

putting incorrect fuel in your Vehicle;

theft or damage due to negligence;

violation of UK traffic laws;

damage to the underside of your Vehicle;

any deliberate or willful act;

driving on unpaved roads or abroad;

fire caused by cooking.

damage caused by pets.

Theft by hirer.

You will be responsible for any costs incurred in connection with any loss or damage caused by any of the above.


Save for normal wear and tear, your Vehicle must be returned in the same condition as when collected. On collection of the Vehicle you accept it as being in good and roadworthy condition and free of defects. You are responsible for the cost of any damage.


Once a booking has been made it can only be cancelled if we are notified more than 14 days in advance. No refunds of any deposit paid will be given.


Your Vehicle may only be collected during your chosen rental period. It may not be collected prior to this time.


No refund will be made if you do not collect your Vehicle.


Your Vehicle will be provided to you in a roadworthy condition. During your rental period, you are responsible for ensuring that your Vehicle's tyres air pressure levels are maintained within the manufacturer's recommended levels. Also that the oil level is checked on a regular basis and kept at a satisfactory level.


You should allow at least 30 minutes for collection and return of your Vehicle.

Time of Return: Your Vehicle must be returned at the agreed end time.

Early Return: Unfortunately if you return your Vehicle early no refund can be made.


An administration fee will be charged for each change you make to the times and dates of your Booking.


In case of an Accident/Theft you must:

Inform the Police immediately and obtain an Incident or Crime Number.

Obtain names, addresses, contact telephone numbers of all third parties involved in the Incident and the registration numbers of all third parties and immediately report the Incident by telephone to us within 24 hours.

Upon receipt, immediately send us any letter from any third party, any written summons or any other documents relating to court proceedings.

Provide all reasonable assistance to us or our agents and insurers in dealing with any subsequent proceedings including allowing Court actions to be taken in your name and defending any proceedings taken against us.

At the time of any Incident, which has involved your Vehicle and a third party, make no admission of liability to any persons.

You agree to make good (and if necessary pay us for) any and all damage or loss sustained to the Vehicle, or any third party during your rental in the event that you:

Fail to ensure that all Incidents are reported by telephone to us within 24 hours of the Incident occurring.

Use your Vehicle for any purpose other than that for which it was legitimately supplied to you.

Use your Vehicle to participate in any illegal activity.

Fail to take reasonable care of your Vehicle (for example, leaving it unlocked and unattended or leaving valuables in the Vehicle).

Depending on the circumstances, we reserve the right not to replace the Vehicle.


Please ensure that you:

Do not use or drive the Vehicle or allow anyone else to use or drive the Vehicle whilst intoxicated or under the influence of any medication or other legal or illegal substance, which impairs driving ability.

Do not allow or do work on or to the Vehicle including altering, removing or changing any component or changing in any way the Vehicle's specification or appearance.

Do not remove/change any name or other mark identifying ownership of the Vehicle.

Do not sell, rent or dispose in any way of your Vehicle or any extras.

Ensure that the Vehicle is not used in an unsafe circumstance, in a condition that is considered unsafe or use the Vehicle for the purpose for which it is not designed or not suitable for. In particular you will not overload the Vehicle and will properly secure all loads and not carry any hazardous, dangerous or inflammable substance(s).

Do not use the Vehicle for racing, pace making or any other form of competition.

Do not use the Vehicle for towing, pushing, driving tuition or any other hazardous or unusual use.

We will not be held responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, causing willful damage, driving or driving without due care and attention. You accept responsibility in respect of such claims. This list is demonstrative and not exhaustive. If you fail to fulfill any of the obligations imposed on you by this section, you may invalidate your Insurance and you will be liable to us to make good all loss or damage sustained.


We will take all reasonable precautions to keep the details of your order and payment secure, but unless we are negligent, we will not be liable for unauthorized access to information supplied by you.

We will only use the information you provide about yourself for the purpose of fulfilling your order, unless you agree otherwise.


These terms and conditions will be subject to English law and the English Courts will have jurisdiction in respect of any dispute arising from the contract.


We reserve the right to cancel a booking at any time. If we cancel your booking and there is no fault or omission on your part then all deposits paid will be refunded in full. We will not be responsible for any lost costs, etc e.g. caravan site fees

Our Terms and Conditions and Prices are subject to change without notice and may vary. We are not liable to any losses/fines/penalties/law suits etc incurred to or by any party

By hiring a vehicle you are accepting terms and conditions and legally bound.

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