A young classic. Sporting the much sort after Spacemaker conversion. Plenty of room in the extensive roof

Percy: super 6 VIKING conversion

Coated in a coffee & cream colour. 2.0L and twin carbíd, heís going to eat those hills up.

patterson: coffee & cream

He comes equipped with the very popular WESTFALIA interior. Suitable for 2 berth and special occasions.

Pj harley : or humbug for short

Meet the family

In the interest of environment and† when funds permit ALL VANS will become LPG. Profits will be plowed back into the company to help keep things GREEN. Remember REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOT PRINT and holiday locally and DONíT FLY

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If you love it, live in it !

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Our campers are kept as classic as I can. They are not pimped in leather seats but retain original squeaks. They donít have DVDís but classic board games like monopoly, connect4 & RUBIKís CUDE!. This, I believe, adds to the experience and I hope you will appreciate this too.