The vision & the people

We are a budding company with ideals and opportunities to enable you to take to the road!

For over 10 years, we have been working with VW type2 camper vans. We have had many hands-on camping adventures under our belt ( free advice thrown in!) and have gained valuable technical experience.

We have naturally spent these years picking the best examples of VW T2 campers and now have a great selection† which are perfect for any use.

VW Type 2ís (or Bay window vans) are part of our everyday way of life. We have found friends through our passion and hope to find more as well as introducing our customers to the eclectic group of camper lovers!

Camping trips, festivals, specialist shows and romantic weekends away have shown us the fun and flexibility that can be found in using a camper van.

We are located in Carlisle, with very easy access to/from the M6 motorway. From there, a short trip will take you to Scotland, the Lake district, Historic sites like Hadrian's wall and stone circles and many more.

Environmental issues are a concern for us, so we ask you to recycle rubbish. We can supply locally grown produce too. Vans are to be converted to run LPG for a greener ride.




Proudly, even this web site is home grown as spanners & hammers were set down and manuals & mouse taken in hand.

If you love it, live in it !

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