Travel other than the UK mainland is not permitted without prior consent. However there are more than enough beautiful and varied places in the UK, we suggest you try to enjoy these as much as possible, as we have done. Thereís a generous 1000mile limit and 25p/mile after. Deducted from deposit. We hope that you would respect the feelings of the vehicles and don't push them to the limit.

You will need to provide your bedding as this is not included in the hire. We recommend sleeping bags for the bunks. If you cannot provide these then they are available at an additional charge provided they are booked in advance.

Vehicles are covered by a National Rescue Service. You will be given details of this on departure.

All our vans are regularly serviced by VW specialists and though breakdowns are rare we do ask you to be aware of the age of these Classics. Another vehicle may be available. If you prefer, we will recover/pick you up and ensure a safe onward journey home. We will either refund any outstanding period of rental, or offer you a free equivalent rental at a time of your choosing and van availability. Please read our terms and conditions carefully.

Remember, youíre in a fully equipped camper. Have a brew.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drivers must be aged between 25 to 70, and have held a full driving licence for 2 years. Licences and a second form of ID must be produced on the day of departure. Including a photo i.d. 2nd driver can be added, increased premium to be paid by hirer.

As a driver, whatís required of me?


What do I need to bring on the day?

Where can I go?

A deposit of 10% to secure booking with remainder of bill to be paid by cheque or Postal order at least 2 weeks before departure; this will allow cheques to be cleared in time.

Cheques payable to VW Camper Rentals Ltd PAYPAL is also accepted.

Payment Methods:

If you love it, live in it !

VW camper Rentals

If I drive, is there storage?

If youíre driving we have a secure lock up where the vans are kept and your car can be left there.

But, insurance limitations insist that we say it is at owners risk. Sorry, legal stuff.

Traffic violations ?

Vehicle choice or Availability ?

The hirer of the vehicles will be responsible for all fines resulting from traffic violations (including parking tickets) during the time of the rental. We will ensure that all tickets and fines are paid if the renter provides the ticket and payment.

Every effort will be made to ensure that the vehicle reserved will be available, however, if due to unavoidable circumstances the reserved vehicle is not available, VW Camper Rentals Ltd reserves the right to substitute that vehicle with another. This also covers equipment. Some of our campervans are not currently fitted with rear seatbelts. If you are travelling with children you must supply your own child / booster seats. If, for any circumstance a van after booking is not available, we are not liable to any compensation in any shape or form but will return deposit/ hire fee in full.

Early / Late returns ?

Please remember there may be someone hiring vehicle next. Please respect other hirerís and myself by bring the vans back as scheduled. They need cleaned and checked over or serviced. A charge will be made to you for any vehicles that are returned late or damaged. If vehicles are returned past the date and specified time, hirer's render themselves liable to overtime charges of £25.00 an hour or a full day, which ever is greater. Please help to keep things running smoothly. The people in front of you help, return the favour and help each other.

Early return : will pay any refunds with our discretion at circumstances for rentals returned prior to the arranged return date.

Legal stuff?

By hiring a vehicle you are accepting terms and conditions and legally bound.

Terms and conditions are subject to change, and you are bound to latest conditions.


You MUST report accidents to us immediately.


Insurance excess?

Please be aware that YOU ARE LIABLE FOR THE INSURANCE EXCESS OF £750. Our insurers have up to £750 excess which is the hiring party's responsibility. We can however provide a CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) which would limit the excess to £250 if a fee of £50 is received at the start of hire. Please note that engine damage is included as accidental/insurance therefore youíre liable through the excess terms and agreement and the security deposit.

Cleaning of Vehicles

The vehicles & accessories must be returned clean inside. If the cleanliness is not up to our standards, including stains on upholstery, a charge of £10 per hour will be levied from the security deposit. Outside washing is not required, unless check-in procedure cannot be performed due to dirt on the vehicle.